About Us

Bilha Charlap is the designer and driving force behind BilhaBags. She has a love for geometric shapes and three-dimensional objects that stimulate the imagination. Her designs are based on a world of colors, materials and textures, and multicultural inspirations.

Before designing and creating each new line, Bilha investigates new technologies, hot trends in the fashion world, and her customers’ needs – to create original compositions and unique expression every time anew.


Why BilhaBags?

We are proud of our products and their functionality. That is why we are who we are:

Design, quality, comfort and functionality: Yes, all three. We believe that all these can exist together, and our bags prove that it really is so. We believe in hidden pockets (the right size in the right place) creating beautiful folds and separations, convenient straps that can be altered according to needs and events, and other intricate details that make our bags an item that cannot be left at home.

Practical throughout the day: BilhaBags are suitable for use throughout the day; they will carry you through work from the morning through that special outing in the evening, with plenty of room for all those little things you always need with you.

Colorful: We are very fond of uniform colors and combinations of black and white. We love other combinations of course, such as yellow and red. We love bags created from fabric, and adore our leather creations. So how can you choose, and why should you? We know that you are all different and are your moods are always changing: from modern to classic and back, from wanting to stand out to blending with the crowd. Our unique product line may not be for everyone, but if you are not just anyone: that is why you can find a BilhaBag that is exactly what you need and feel wonderful with it.

For every season and every mood: Summer, winter, spring and fall. When the sun is shining or the sky is downcast, you’ll always need your bag. Your bag needs to suit your mood and who you are; to suit your clothes and your day. BilhaBags are will always suit themselves to you in colors, functionality and convenience.

The details: We have tried to spoil you with comfortable buttons, well-made zippers, colors that match exactly and even a keychain for that “put-together” look when you leave home. We think about every single detail and continually perfect, develop, review and manufacture the newest looks in women’s bags.

“East, west, home is the best...”: While design, cutting, sewing and stitching are all done here in Israel, our fine fabrics are imported from Turkey, Damascus and Morocco, and our finest leathers are shipped directly from Italy.

Thanks to our contacts abroad and intensive marketing of our product, BilhaBags will soon be sold Berlin, London and New York.